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Photography, like any art form, is about personal taste and style.

What one person likes, someone else may not! A good photographer knows this, and recognizes the client needs to feel comfortable with them in order to get the most out of the photography session or event.

I'd love you to pick me to capture your 'Photographic Moments' to treasure forever...

My advice is; 

Do your research, take time to look at different photographers work, when you find a few you like, go and meet them to make sure you connect on a personal level. This will ensure the investment you are making to capture your 'Photographic Moments' is a good one, and perfect for you

If you like what you see so far

- which I hope you do -

please reach out to me so we can connect soon...

A little bit about me...

Hi, I'm Angela and it's a pleasure to meet you!

Where to start ?! there's a lot to tell you, so I'll try and keep it short here but look out for the 'fun facts' section further down the page...

I'm British, grew up in Hampshire UK about 50 miles SSW of London, have travelled to lots of countries & even lived in a few! Moved to the USA in 2015 and currently live in Ridgefield CT with my Husband and 2 cats. Oh, and YES we still have our British accents... except the cats of course they MEOW American ;)

Photographic Moments LLC, Angela MacManus, Ridgefield CT Photographer, Fairfield County Photographer

Why I love photography so much...

Life's all about moments & emotions...

... and a photograph is the pause button of life.

Photographs aren't just a pictures they are treasured memories, every one capturing a split second of something exquisite.

Whether printed, in an album or displayed on a wall, your images will last beyond a lifetime... recording your history, a family heirloom, waiting for you or others to catch a glimpse of them so they can transport you back to the treasured moment to be relived.

Think we're a good fit?



Fun Fact # 1

Our house in the UK, was just down the road from Highclere Castle... known to most as 'Downton Abbey'!

Fun Fact # 2

I have a very sweet tooth...

I LOVE Dessert, Cake and Chocolate!

Fun Fact # 3

I haven't always been a professional photographer... After college - despite loving all things creative - I followed a traditional career in Finance and ERP System Implementation, working throughout the UK and Europe.

Do you think I'm the photographer for you?